The money raised by Question 2 would only go to fund salaries for teachers and others who work with students. It would not go to fund building improvements, laboratories, computers, or supplies. Proponents say that this will fund classroom initiatives, but the fine print says otherwise.

The fine print says: “The fund may be used only to pay for portions of the state contribution that constitute direct support for student learning and not for the costs of administration. As used in this paragraph, “direct support for student learning” includes salary and benefit costs paid for public school classroom teachers; special teachers of reading or mathematics; literacy specialists; career technical education teachers; education technicians; associate teachers; assistant teachers; special education technicians I, II or III; guidance staff; health staff; librarians; and media assistants as documented in the department’s database. Direct support for student learning does not include salary and benefit costs paid for school administrative staff or clerical staff.”

The Maine Education Association and National Education Association are saying that this bill is good for all students. We think this bill is good for some districts and the educators in those districts, but that this bill is the wrong solution for Maine’s education challenges.

Read it for yourself. Here is the fine print of the proposed law that would be enacted if Question 2 were to pass: