Question 2 would raise taxes on Maine by $157 million from households and small businesses all over the state, but some towns would get absolutely no benefit. In fact, 60 percent of the money would go to just 12% of the towns – all wealthier districts already. More than 1/3 of Maine’s towns would receive zero new money raised by this new tax – none. So the rich schools would get more and the poorer, rural districts will get little to nothing. Find your town and the projected impact from this measure.

That’s right. Towns like Cape Elizabeth and Falmouth would get millions, while towns like Sedgwick and Greenville would get nothing. It’s just not fair. This is the wrong solution. Proponents say a student’s zip code shouldn’t matter, but in fact, it would because of the school funding formula. The fine print says: “The commissioner shall distribute the increased state contribution amounts on the basis of the essential programs and services formula set forth in this chapter.”

And besides, voters cannot trust that the money would be spent on public schools when all of this money could be redirected to other programs by future Legislatures in Augusta.